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History of the Mural Project

In 1991 Ivan George Q.S.M. visited the Tasmanian town of Sheffield and was enthused by the idea of their murals and the consequent benefits that they had brought to the town. He thought that what had been good for Sheffield, would be good for Foxton.
The towns were similar in size and architecture, had resident local artists and suitable buildings.

Initially the Foxton Rotary Club was involved and then the Foxton Borough Council (later to become the Horowhenua District Council), Foxton Murals Committee and members of the public.
The Foxton Murals Committee was formed in 1992 with an elected board to manage and develop the mural project. The aim was to paint murals in a historic theme depicting Foxton's past.
By October 1992, two murals had been painted with preparation for a third being made. To date there are more than 30 murals.



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